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The main idea behind my supplements is to give hope to people who know that the world is going in the wrong direction, they are trying to change it, but they don't see any results of their efforts. To all those who feel it is pointless to try at all, to people suffering from environmental grief. I feel the need to remind them that change is happening, even if they can't always see it.

I want these people to be able to look at my accessories and realize

that even one person counts, that they are not alone, and that their efforts are paying off. To serve as a subconscious reminder to the potential owner

and a constant source of hope.

I get my biggest inspiration from comics

and superheroes. Comic book graphics used to be printed in  visible dots, one color layer at a time and just

with limited coloration of yellow, red, blue

and black. The combination of hundreds of these tiny, barely perceptible dots created a hero.

I also illustrated my vision through individual points. Gradually increasing colored dots, which eventually grow to such an amount,

that the individual points begin to merge into a colored surface. As every day, the number of people who care about the future of our planet is growing.

They may add slowly, one by one, and the difference may be imperceptible,but every single point of color, every single person, undeniably contributes to change.

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