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Frame Weaving Workshop

Let us show you the enchanting world of weaving!

This workshop is for all craft enthusiasts. Whether you will be holding a weaving frame for

the first time or you have already woven something, you will definitely take away

a lot of experience, inspiration, positive energy and most importantly:

a hand-woven wall-hanging!


  • create a design for your wall-hanging

  • help you choose suitable yarns for your weaving

  • show you how to warp the frame and check the tension

  • learn how to properly start and finish wall-hangings

  • share our tips and tricks

  • show how to deal with some faults and mistakes

  • teach you several types of weaves


18 - 19 March 2023

10 - 17h



The workshop will take place in the beautiful Maimana showroom in Dejvice with hand-woven carpets, so there will be a lot of inspiration around.

Terronská 579/21
160 00 Praha 6

4.200 Kč

4.500 Kč (workshop + frame)*

*During the workshop you will have a borrowed frame from us. Not all frames are ours and you will have to return them at the end of the workshop, so you will have to take off the weaving even if you haven't finished it. By buying the workshop + frame, you'll be able to finish it later, and you could also weave at home!

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