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Nobody knows

Melbourne, and especially Fitzroy part, is well known for textile factories. However, because of the cheaper production in Asia, most of these factories are closed.

Some of them, though, managed to survive against all the odds and are now thriving, like the brand Nobody Denim established at 1999.

Nobody knows how to do business and after 19 long years they opened the laundry to show it to the public.

The whole production is made in Melbourne and before a pair of jeans hits the shelves there's a long way to go...

Firstly, jeans have to be brushed before washing to get the nice "worn in" look. The Managing Director John Condilis shows us how it's done, but it's not as easy as it looks like:

After that comes the washing itself, which is not a piece of cake either and it takes a lot of testing and alchemy before the color and the softness are perfect.

This process includes "stone wash" to give it the texture we know.

Ok, let's do the math... How many pairs of jeans do you think can be made in one machine? And how many are made in one day?

Obviously, everyone has to know what to do, which is thanks to these "recipes":

Few! That's one heck of a process, isn't it?

Nobody is one of the brands which care about the people and resources included in their production and it is great to see that it can be done!

Hopefully we will see more brands showing us #WhoMadeMyClothes and being more transparent.

Thanks, Nobody!


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