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We are Gabriela and Elizabeth and our love for traditional crafts brought us together. We studied Design of Fashion Accessories at the School of Textile Crafts, where we discovered how perfect little imperfections are in every craft.

We are learning to slow down and enjoy every step of the process. The desire for perfection, for having things right away, is unattainable in craftsmanship, and our work reminds us of this every day.

Gabriela Hnízdilová

I was introduced to the glorious world of fashion in 2013. However, I quickly realized, that there is a price to pay for all the glory. 

Through different job positions from Sales Assitant, Store Manager, Fashion Coach, Brand Manager and internships, where I wrote articles to the fashion magazines and picked outfits for shootings, I had the chance to peek in various stages of the fashion industry and better understand how this tremendous industry works. 

As I dived deeper into the industry, I encountered puzzling dysfunctionality of this glamorous illusion called fashion. This led me to an organization called Fashion Revolution. 

Thanks to it I found a new impuls to make things differently and clean up one of the dirtiest industries in the world, make it better.


And that's when I decided to start at the very beginning- designing. 

Despite the fact that sometimes fashion seems unimportant to me and that it wastes resources unnecessarily and harms the environment, I simply cannot help myself from the desire to create it. I believe that it doesn't have to be like that. We can continue to enjoy unlimited colors, incredible shapes and beautiful fabrics and express ourselves through clothes while being considerate of people and the environment. I hope that when people have more choice in considerate fashion and its appearance does not only reflect ecological origins, they will choose it more often than fast fashion products.


The consideration of my accessories is a priority for me, but I try not to limit their appearance by having to be environmentally friendly, but to make these qualities a matter of course, and the appearance has its own theme. Substantial theme hidden behind precise design. 

Elizabeth Foltmanová
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