Gabriela Krejčíková

I was introduced to the glorious world of fashion in 2013. However, I quickly realized, that there is a price to pay for all the glory. 

Through different job positions from Sales Assitant, Store Manager, Fashion Coach, Brand Manager and internships, where I wrote articles to the fashion magazines and picked outfits for shootings, I had the chance to peek in various stages of the fashion industry and better understand how this tremendous industry works. 

As I dived deeper into the industry, I encountered puzzling dysfunctionality of this glamorous illusion called fashion. 

This led me to an organization called Fashion Revolution. 


Thanks to it I found a new impuls to make things differently and clean up one of the dirtiest industries in the world, make it better.


At the moment I am studying Modern Accessories Design at the school of textile crafts. 

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